Margot Palacios says that congressmen from Peru Libre revealed that Castillo offered them ministries to resign from the caucus

Margot Palacios says that congressmen from Peru Libre revealed that Castillo offered them ministries to resign from the caucus

Congresswoman Margot Palacios () spoke in favor of the statement issued by his party, last Tuesday, in which they ask the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, to renounce his militancy.

The parliamentarian explained that in a previous statement published by the secretary general of the Free Peru party, Vladimir Cerrón, it was indicated that some legislators of the organization indicated that the head of state would have offered them a ministry in exchange for resigning from the caucus.

In a previous statement published by the general secretary of the party, he stated that Several congressmen from the Free Peru caucus affirmed that the President of the Republic would have offered them some ministries and other things, but on the condition that they resign from the Libre Peru caucus.”, he declared in dialogue with Successful.

In that sense, Palacios explained that the request for the maximum president to resign from his militancy in Peru Libre is due to the intention of fragmenting the bench and the party with what he previously mentioned.

The invitation to resign is for three exact points: wanting to pretend to form a political party, generating the fragmentation of the Peru Libre party and the issue of non-compliance with the ideology and much less of the political program that was reflected through the campaign proposals that he carried during the first and second rounds“, said.

Answer from Pedro Castillo

Earlier, Castillo Terrones mentioned that in the next few hours he would respond to the request that Peru Libre made the day before. In that sense, he thanked the organization for welcoming him and leading him to win the last general elections.

The political events that occur are part of the destiny of the country, I thank Peru Libre for welcoming us in the contest that led us to victory in the framework of the campaign, in the next few hours I will give an answer. I understand that Peru is above all else, from here I call on the police forces to come to an agreement to work for democracy to work for the most important issues that the country has”, said the president after participating in the mass for the Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.


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