Costanera to the highest bidder

Costanera to the highest bidder

Public works in Paraguay are always very difficult to carry out, and when an opportunity such as the Costanera Norte arises, interest begins.

The Municipality of Asunción wants to auction it, but with a certain administrative-financial purpose, which could be resolved in another way.

What they want to do is sell properties located in very privileged areas, facing the river, which have been subject to a notable change with the ring road that Asunción will have, when the so-called Costanera, the north and the south, are completed.

What should be explained here is truly clearly what is intended, and when there are even environmental issues that have not been specifically answered with clear answers, it is logical that doubts arise and the first of these is the purpose, which is what look for the municipal administration of Nenecho Rodríguez with this. If what it seeks is to pay the salaries of its almost eight thousand public employees, then that would have to be flatly rejected; and if it is not done in the most transparent way possible with resources that really serve to develop the damaged and abandoned Asunción, none of this makes sense or justification.

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