Health workers strike against Larreta and demand a salary increase

march against "the adjustment of the Buenos Aires government to mental health"

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Different union organizations of the City of Buenos Aires mobilized this Thursday from the Braulio Moyano Hospital to the intersection of Caseros and Entre Ríos avenues against “the adjustment of the Buenos Aires Government to mental health” and “the transfer and closure of services” in that care center.

“In a great mobilization of different sectors, we march in defense of the Moyano Hospital day service that the Government of (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta wants to transfer to another pavilion,” the Secretary General of ATE Moyano Hospital, Javier Venegas, informed Télam.

In this sense, the union leader stressed: “We flatly refuse to touch the hospital services because they are services for the people, just as we reject the vague projects of the city government officials” for that Buenos Aires hospital.

Venegas also recalled that in the union protest “We demand that the existing problems be solved, such as the entry of more personnel; a salary recomposition according to current inflation and the improvement of working conditions.”

Together with other union organizations, the health workers grouped in ATE they mobilized on Thursday morning “demanding a budget in line with comprehensive mental health care” and they reject the transfer of the day hospital service to the San Juan pavilion to put in its place a perinatal.

“We refuse to transfer. They come with a project that is not clear, that we have never seen and what they want to do is put a perinatal when they live with us saying that there is no budget”, Venegas said, in statements to this agency.

He also reported that the workers have been “in a permanent assembly for two weeks and we are going to continue with the plan of struggle until we are heard.”

“We all know what the real intention of the City Government officials is, they have been insisting on the Moyano lands and the big real estate business for a long time,” denounced the union leader.

The groups that participated in the march were the Internal Board of ATE Hospital Moyano, Interdisciplinary Union Association of Hospital Moyano (Aghim), Association of Social Service Professionals of GCABA (Apss), Single Union of State Workers of the City of Buenos Aires (Sutecba), Association of Psychologists of the GCABA, Association of Occupational Therapists of the GCABA (Atogba), Union of Nursing Workers (Sitre) and Association of Music Therapists of the GCABA, among others.

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