Marcelo Martins arrived in Paraguay to join Cerro Porteño

Marcelo Martins arrived in Paraguay to join Cerro Porteño

Marcelo Martins stepped on Paraguayan soil at noon this Thursday. The Bolivian striker traveled from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) to Asunción in a private plane. He did it accompanied by his wife Marilisy Antonelli and his daughter María Clara, and in the next few hours he will be presented as a new player for Cerro Porteño, a club with which he reached an agreement for dtwo years of contract and will wear the number 9 on the back.

El Matador left Cruzeiro to play for the first time in a Paraguayan club and he will do it nothing more and nothing less than in the current champion of that country, since Cerro Porteño has just won the Clausura 2021 tournament of the first division.

It was confirmed that Martins and his family traveled on the plane of the president of the ‘Ciclón’, Juan José Zapag, who sent his aircraft to Brazil so that the Bolivian travels with all the comforts to Asunción.

The arrival of the captain of the Bolivian team and scorer of the qualifiers to Paraguay generated immense media coverage. Some even livestreamed Martins’ arrival at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport.

“In the afternoon we talked… a big hug”, Martins told reporters who were trying to get some statements from the 34-year-old soccer player.

The Bolivian was very kind to the media and the journalists highlighted that good attitude. Martins even advised his little daughter to send a greeting to the country they had just arrived in: “Thank you Paraguay, tell them,” Marcelo told María Clara.

He barely set foot on Paraguayan soil, Martins and his family were taken to a hotel. Some club leaders were waiting for him at the airport, who made some statements before the player’s arrival.

“We are very happy for the arrival of Marcelo Martins, I hope he scores a lot of goals. The board of directors did a great deal for his arrival… He comes with his whole family, hopefully it will be for a long time, ”said Miguel Carrizosa, director of Cerro Porteño.

In his sports career, Marcelo Martins played for Oriente Petrolero (2003-2004), Vitoria from Brazil (2005-2006), Cruzeiro from Brazil (2007-2008, 2014 and 2020-2021), Shakhtar from Ukraine (2008-2009, 2010-2011), Werder Bremen from Germany (2009), Wigan from England (2010 ), Gremio (2012-2013) from Brazil, Flamengo (2013-2014) from Brazil, Changchun Yatai (2015-2016), Wuhan Zall (2017-2018) and Shijiazhuang Ever Vright, these last three from China.

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