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Contract allows resumption of works on the Angra 3 nuclear plant

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Contract allows resumption of works on the Angra 3 nuclear plant

In a closed event at Eletronuclear’s facilities, in Angra dos Reis, the signing of a contract with the consortium formed by Ferreira Guedes, Matricial and Adtranz was celebrated this Thursday (10), which will allow for the resumption of works on the Angra 3 nuclear plant. According to the state-owned nuclear energy company, construction was halted in 2015, with 65% of the works completed and R$7.8 billion spent.

The companies that are part of the consortium were the winners of the bid to contract the services within the scope of the unit’s Critical Path Acceleration Plan, informed Eletronuclear. The agreement between the parties was signed yesterday (9) and disclosed at night by Eletrobras, in a statement to the market.

The consortium chosen was announced in July last year. Once the appeal stages were over, the three companies underwent an compliance (governance), successful.

At the end of January of this year, the signing of the contract was approved by the Board of Directors of Eletrobras. The result of the bidding was then approved by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors of Eletronuclear.


The consortium is now starting the mobilization phase of the construction site and intends to resume construction of the plant soon. According to Eletronuclear, the completion of the concrete superstructure of the Angra 3 reactor building is one of the main measures provided for in the unit’s Critical Path Acceleration Plan. An important part of the electromechanical assembly will also be carried out, which includes the closing of the containment steel sphere and the installation of the used fuel pool, the polar bridge and the semi-port crane.

Further on, there will be a new bidding process to hire the company, or consortium, which will complete the civil works and electromechanical assembly of the plant, which will take place through a contract of EPC (engineering, procurement and construction management). Neither Eletrobras nor Eletronuclear provided the schedule of the planned stages.

wanted by Brazil Agencythe president of Eletronuclear, Leonam dos Santos Guimarães, said he could not talk about the resumption of Angra and explained: “We are in a period of silence before the release of the balance sheet”.

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