Maradona's legacy auction: the list of assets

Maradona’s legacy auction: the list of assets

The event will be broadcast, starting at 11, through the Adrián Mercado Group platform.

With the sale of a hat at 320 dollars, which had a base of 60 dollars, the auction of Diego Maradona’s goods began online, which has among the offers the historic villa on 4500 Cantilo street, located in the heart from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto.

The event began at 11:27 am through the platform of the Adrián Mercado Group, in charge of the operation, who clarified through a statement that “to participate in the auction, Argentine residents must pay an amount in pesos, unlike the foreign participants, who must prove an entry (to the transmission of the auction) in dollars “.

At the start of the auction, too a tricolor Venezuela “4F” cap was sold for $ 520, which he received from the hands of Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela. “With the Venezuelan visor on his head, Maradona ended Gimnasia’s bad streak (4-2 against Godoy Cruz) and added his first three points as DT” in that team.

“It is a very special auction because it is something very sensitive for being someone so Argentine,” said Adrián Mercado at the beginning of the auction.

After that first sale of the blue ribbon straw hat well above the initial bidding price, in an hour 29 lots were released for a total of $ 13,710. The most expensive, so far, is the painting “Between Fiorito and the sky”, lot 22, made by the artist Lu Sedova, an oil painting of 1.70 x 1.70 cm.

“With a frame designed by the same artist and hand-carved by Rosa Petit, a craftsmen’s workshop that carried out the work especially for Diez. The painting was delivered to Diego at his home in Brandsen, becoming one of the last gifts he received, ”said the organizers and the painting sold for $ 2,150.

The painting with Fidel, lot 17, 65 x 55 cm., Which symbolizes the “great friendship with Fidel Castro,” was sold for $ 1,600..

Another painting was presented by Adrián Mercado as an object “highly appreciated by Maradona”. It is the work of Marilyn Monroe that Diego Armando Maradona had in his home in Dubai, measuring 1.96 x 1.48 meters. “Made with Swarovski stones, it was given to him by a great personal friend of Diego’s, a Colombian national, who visited him frequently since they met in Cuba and was leaning on the floor in the large dining room of the house in Dubai, on the other next to Diego’s paintings with Fidel and Chávez ”, the auction house described it.

Mercado said that Marilyn “had a history of being born so humble and having reached where they were, so famous,” to value a painting that sold for $ 1,000.

The Creole guitar autographed by the flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo was sold for the same price, with the dedication on the front: “To Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest in history.”

The auction of the house of Doa Tota and Don Diego, the soccer player's gift to his parents in the 80's, starts at US900000 Photo VIctoria Gesualdi
The auction of the house of Doña Tota and Don Diego, a gift from the soccer player to his parents in the 1980s, starts at US0,000. Photo: VIctoria Gesualdi.

Some 1,500 people participated in the bid, while 81,389 saw the event advertising and 98,140 “clicked to enter to see the lots,” explained Mercado.

They observe the auction, which the organizers describe as “a show”, more than 100 interested parties who paid 600 pesos to access the event.

Among the vehicles up for auction are two Bmw, whose price starts at US $ 225.00 and US $ 165,000, and a hyundai h1 pickup, the cheapest, valued at US $ 38,000.

On the other hand, training machines They start at $ 200 with a sit-up, going up to $ 2,000 for a multi-gym machine used by Diego and a treadmill at $ 3,500.

Among the vehicles to be auctioned are two BMWs whose prices start at US22500 and US165000
Among the vehicles up for auction are two BMWs, priced at US5.00 and US5,000.

Between the decoration objects there are furniture and various pictures of the footballer, as well as LCD televisions, a guitar, sportswear, sneakers and ties.

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