Armed men set public transport buses on fire in Baja California

Maquiladora industry asks to stop insecurity to avoid impact on trade

“Stopping insecurity to avoid direct effects on international trade is a priority for the National Index Council, considering that the United States’ attempts to link trade with security issues may continue due to the annoyance of some US congressmen around the security strategy in our country, of which public declarations have been made that in the T-MEC, Mexico accepts not only the known demands in labor matters, but even verification measures or action of some kind on the fight against insecurity in Mexico”, he detailed.

He trusted that the federal and state governments focus on a more assertive security policy to improve the confidence of private investment, under the focus of strengthening anti-corruption policies in the police and judicial systems.

The recent wave of violence in various states of the country worries the industry, because, he stressed, it is the most intensive productive user of the T-MEC, with 60% of national exports to the United States.

“National Index calls for, as a priority of national interest, the public and patrimonial security of all Mexican families, as well as companies and corporations in Mexico, so that the recent uncertainty does not affect the logistics supply chains. with the United States.”



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