Funcionarios de salud advierten a las personas infectadas con la viruela del mono mantenerse alejadas de las mascotas. Foto: Charlie Riedel/ AP.

France: dog tests positive for monkeypox due to human infection

A medical journal has published evidence of the first suspected case of human-to-pet transmission of the monkeypox virus.

A dog living with two men in France infected with the virus began showing symptoms twelve days later, according to The Lancet.

A 4-year-old male Italian Greyhound, who had no underlying medical conditions, tested positive after showing symptoms including lesions and pustules on his abdomen.

Using DNA tests, investigators determined that the viruses that infected the two men and the dog were monkeypox.

Since they first started showing symptoms, the two men had kept their dog away from other people and other pets, but slept with the pet in their bed.

“Our findings should fuel discussion about the need to isolate pets from people who are positive for monkeypox virus,” reads The Lancet.

italian greyhound Photo: Mipuppy.

For its part, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have warned against possible human-to-pet transmission in their guide on monkeypox.

“Infected animals can transmit monkeypox virus to people, and it is possible that infected people can transmit monkeypox virus to animals through close contact,” the guidance says.

Infected people are advised to avoid activities with their pets such as petting, hugging, sharing sleeping areas and food, etc.

While the full symptoms of monkeypox in pets are unknown, the CDC urges to be on the lookout for “potential signs of illness: lethargy, lack of appetite, cough, runny or crusty nose, bloating, fever, and skin rash with pimples or blisters.

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