Modernize airports, the bet to give flight to the economy

Modernize airports, the bet to give flight to the economy

This Tuesday, the head of the Transportation portfolio, Guillermo Reyes, announced President Gustavo Petro’s air connectivity plan. In the, highlighted the strategy to potentiate tourism in the country as the central axis of the country’s economy.

(El Dorado now has passenger rest rooms.)

“We are going to establish an entire airport strategy in key tourist places. The president has great interest in areas such as La Guajira, Tolú, Bahía Solano, perhaps, and this is not an impossible issue to reach Caño Cristales (…) For this, Satena will be a priority, how are we going to allow tourists to arrive, for this we need airports modern. We have to solve urgent problems, including the issue of Barranquilla, which is already on the agenda (…) we cannot grow in tourism if we do not have modern airports, if we do not have 4G, 5G, tertiary highways that allow mobility “said Minister Reyes.

Specifically, Reyes assured that his agenda includes a meeting with the concessionaire of the Rafel Nuñez airport in Cartagena to discuss its expansion. Also, “In Santa Marta next week I will meet with the governor and the authorities to determine what we are going to do with the issue of expanding the airport,” added the official.

Regarding the Pacific, the official announced that in the next few days there will be news about the railway system in the country.

(Complaints have risen 55% since the reactivation of air transport).

“Many did not believe President Gustavo Petro in his campaign when he said that he was going to unite the two seas, not through the canal that we wanted to build in the 19th century, but rather through the railway sector. We are advancing and we hope within these early victories what we are going to do in that advance, so that tourism is the axis of a country with too much to offer”, he added.

In addition, he added that Cali and Buenaventura will be connected by air, solving major mobility problems in the region.

“It is incredible that, in Buenaventura with the largest port, it has an airport like the one it has, it is a fundamental issue if we intend to grow as much as we want with products via export and import that we only have a modern port but also an airport in good conditions. worthy”, Reyes finished.

(The country is getting ready to launch works on three airports).

Secondly, Aerocivil pointed out that in turn works are being carried out at the Guapi airports in the department of Cauca, Nuquí, Providencia, Tolú, Pitalito and Armenia.

“In three months the Providencia airport will be ready and that Raizal community will be given that airport that it so badly needs,” the minister concluded.

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