Manzur and De Pedro will meet with the governors for reallocation of funds to CABA

Manzur and De Pedro will meet with the governors for reallocation of funds to CABA

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The national government, through the chief of staff, Juan Manzur, and the interior minister, Eduardo de Pedro, summoned governors and representatives of more than 20 provinces for this Wednesday to present about the situation for the conciliation hearing convened by the Supreme Court between the Nation and the City of Buenos Aires to discuss the reallocation of funds for the transfer of the police to the country’s capital.

The meeting, requested by the provincial leaders, will be at 11 in the Eva Perón Room of Casa Rosada, official sources reported.

The Governments of the Nation and the City of Buenos Aires held a public hearing on March 10 before the Supreme Court of Justice to try to reach an agreement on the dispute over the funds transferred for the maintenance of the police during the administration by Mauricio Macri.

From there, the highest court gave 30 working days, a term that expires on April 26, for there to be a political negotiation between both parties, and if there is no settlement, it will issue a precautionary measure.

In the Casa Rosada there is concern that “such arbitrariness” will be validated because “it is a number that will impact the 2022 budget,” official sources said.

In addition, they maintain that the proposition of the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, is based on an “unconstitutional” decree and what is being discussed is “a mediation on amounts.”

In this sense, there is a difference of 80,000 million pesos, “two ATN (Contributions from the National Treasury),” government spokesmen told Télam, which could reach more than $130 billion this year, which “would affect the national budget “.

“Those $130 billion pesos go to the City and not elsewhere, and that is why the seriousness of the situation will be conveyed to the governors at the meeting,” they assured at the Casa Rosada, because “it is not a minor mistake.” that, if it is unfavourable, it will cause an “imbalance in the budgetary and political system”.

The meeting was requested by the governors because the provinces “are part of the issue, because it is a discussion of the federal system,” they said, explaining that “this money goes to the national budget and is spent on works” throughout the country.

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