Manuel Jiménez will tender garbage collection in district three SDE

Manuel Jiménez will tender garbage collection in district three SDE
Manuel Jiménez will tender garbage collection in district three SDE

SDE- The mayor of Santo Domingo East, Manuel Jimenezannounced that as of next Wednesday the bidding process will begin for the award of the contract for the collection of solid waste in the constituency number three of the municipality, the largest and most complex.

The specifications for contracting the company will be published on the website of Buying and Hiring with a maximum price cap of US$26 per ton, which represents a cost reduction of 18% compared to the US$32 that was paid to the company COMLURSA, which charged the trash most expensive in the Dominican Republic and did not have the necessary equipment.

“That means that maybe in about 60 days, or sooner, we will be awarding a company that has the due rigor and the technical and managerial solvency to turn district 3 into a clean space and that garbage begins to be history” said the mayor while participating in the monthly meeting of his cabinet.

For Jiménez, the savings of six dollars per ton of waste collection is added to the improvements in the service since the trucks will be new and must comply with all the conditions established in the specifications.

The cost reduction means that in 12 tons, it would be saving 62 dollars per trip of a truck.

constituency three of Santo Domingo East It goes from Charles de Gaulle avenue to San Antonio de Guerra and La Caleta. It is the most populous in the country and is in an accelerated growth process. It includes Invivienda, Hainamosa, El Almirante, Los Frailes, La Ureña, El Tamarindo, Mendoza, Villa Carmen, Cancino Segundo, the San Isidro highway, Ciudad Juan Bosch, among others.

“This is on the way to the definitive solution of possibly the problem that bothers our citizens the most because of everything it generates, such as environmental pollution, traffic damage, damage to the city and all these diseases that garbage produces in the street, pollution at all levels,” the mayor told reporters during the press conference.

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