Man wounds alleged thief inside his property

Man wounds alleged thief inside his property

the alleged thief he had entered armed with a pistol in order to steal items from the defendant’s home in Villa González Santiago.

A man who disarmed a supposed thief who entered his property for the purpose of stealing, in the municipality of Villa González, Santiagoin the early hours of last Thursday he was charged with attempted homicide by the Public Ministry.

Is about Juan Héctor José Steffani Dominguez, 74 years oldwho is accused of attempting to homicide against Robinson Javier Cruz.

According to what was narrated to Diario Libre, by the detainee’s wife, it is an injustice since his partner acted in self-defense.

Tania Fabian de Esteffani, said that, in the early hours of last Thursday, the sixth of this month, while they were sleeping in their home located on a farm in the Los Garcías sector, in the Villa González municipality, they woke up when they heard the dogs barking, so which they went out to check what was happening in the patio and found the alleged thief.

“My husband and I hadn’t realized that he was armed until the dog came up to him and he pulled out the gun and my husband pounced, a struggle started and a shot was heard, we thought it was my husband because he stayed static, and the person ran away”Tania said.

He added, “when we returned to the house we realized that he had stolen all the keys to the house, electronic devices and a lot of clothes, he made a mess, he entered through the back.”

The woman explained that the police arrived and found the alleged wounded thief who was trapped in the farm because he could not cross the gate that was closed was taken by 9-1-1 ambulance to a medical center where he underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the thigh, while the owner of the farm was arrested.

Juan Hector José Steffani is a veterinary doctor and is the son of the Dominican sports immortal Bullo Stefani, exalted to the Pavilion of Fame in 1992 as a promoter of the sport.

On Monday the 10th of this month, coercive measures will be revealed to the accused of violating articles 2, 295 and 304 of the Penal Code, which typify the attempt to homicideto the detriment of Robinson Javier Cruz.

He is a journalist graduated from O&M, he has practiced journalism since 2005 from Santiago, he likes to serve the best interests of society from his profession

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