Jump: He sent messages to resume the link, then killed his daughter and committed suicide

The history of the couple between the parents of the 7-year-old girl murdered in Salto had violence since at least 2021. In June, the mother of the minor had denounced the murderer for domestic violence, reported Carlos Melo, the spokesman for the headquarters of Salto to Telemundo.

At that time precautionary measures were imposed against the man, but later the couple resumed the bond and returned to the initial situation. There were no more complaints, although three months ago they made the decision to separate even though they still lived in the same house.

The woman knew that the man was with their daughter, and he even sent her messages asking her to resume the bond. Shortly after, at dawn on Saturday, he killed the girl – the prosecution presumes that she was by suffocation – and he himself committed suicide.

It was a “heartbreaking event. A neighbor was tirelessly banging on the door of a house and suspecting that something out of the ordinary might be happening, he called the police,” Melo said. The house in the Albisu neighborhood — 12 kilometers from the capital of Salta — was “totally closed.” “There is no possibility that there would have been another person,” the spokesman said.

The prosecution’s investigation is presumed to be cut short by the author’s suicide, although representatives of the Public Ministry are still awaiting the definitive results of the girl’s autopsy. The main hypothesis is that the man murdered her daughter in retaliation against her ex-wife, sources in the investigation said.

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