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Man charged with sexually abusing his daughter

The Justice of Canelones processed this Wednesday the accusation of a 41-year-old man for the crime of sexual abuse against his 15-year-old daughter.

The fact came to light when a 40-year-old woman appeared before Sectional 24 of Canelones to denounce the situation. The woman said that the victim, her fifteen-year-old niece, was the victim of episodes of sexual abuse by her father.

After collecting the woman’s testimony, agents from the Canelones Police Headquarters arrested the subject and made him available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Finally, the Prosecutor’s Office charged the subject and the judge of the case charged him with the crime described. As part of the process, the Justice issued a precautionary measure of preventive detention for a period of 120 days while the case progresses.

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