La reacción de la familia de Liz María tras la condena a El Panadero

The reaction of Liz María’s family after the conviction of El Panadero

Broken in tears, the family of Liz María Sánchez, the girl raped and murdered by Stalin Francisco Santos, alias El Panadero, received the news that her executioner he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the act, ensuring that justice was finally done in the case.

The Baker confessed who abused and strangled the 9-year-old minor, in an event that occurred in the Ensanche Isabelita de Santo Domingo Este, on August 16, 2020.

“Thank God that justice was done with my girl. Thank God for my doll. That criminal, I didn’t know that guy did that. Oh my God!” the girl’s grandmother, Lisset Encarnación, cried inconsolably.

The lady, whom the accused accused of having knowledge of the situation with the girl, emphatically rejected the affirmation of the statement.

While the minor’s mother, Licelott García, in tears, thanked God and the judges because justice was finally done. Also, to the lawyer José Martínez Hopelman for assisting her in this heartbreaking and painful process.

“Oh my God,” were the words that Liz Mary’s parent repeated, after the sentence imposed on whoever was her neighbor and aggressor of her little girl.

Also representing Liz María’s family was the minor’s grandfather, who, drying his tears, agreed with the investigations of the persecuting body.

“The lawyers fought and did an extraordinary job, we are not going to recover her, but a payment was achieved for the act,” said Luis García, the girl’s maternal grandfather, who was next to his daughter.

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