Mamani has another complaint in Potosí and attacks the press

Mamani has another complaint in Potosí and attacks the press

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

The governor of Potosí, Jhonny Mamani, added a second complaint for the case of the 41 ambulances. Zegarra Motors’ lawyer, Richard Alejo, said that they will file an accusation against the authority for malicious use of their client’s NIT number.

“Unfortunately there is intimidation by some people against my client and that is why the decision has been made to expand the complaint against the governor (Mamani) because it has been said authority that has signed the minutes of the ambulance contract, where it was inserted illegally and maliciously the tax identification number (NIT) of my client”, announced Alejo.

The first complaint was filed on January 27 by deputy Lissa Claros against Mamani for resolutions contrary to the Constitution and the law, improper use of influence, benefit due to position, breach of duties, contracts harmful to the State and uneconomic conduct.

The new complaint will be extended for breach of duties, “given that he did not realize that there was no contractual relationship or contract with the company from which he used the NIT,” he asserted.

attack on the press

Meanwhile, the governor of Potosí attacked the media on Wednesday during a public act held in the municipality of Uncía, more than 400 kilometers from the city of Potosí, whom he called “cartel of lies”, due to the complaints in against him for the irregular purchase of 41 ambulances for the Government.

“When the right wing attacks us, it is because we have committed a simple crime, working hand in hand with our people, those of us who promise to deliver, we are not a ‘cartel of lies,’ like some of the media and we don’t care, I have to be honest. I don’t fucking care! whatever the media says,” he said as his followers applauded.

Three weeks ago, the case of the irregular purchase of 41 ambulances by the Potosi Government was uncovered.

the chronology

  • 2021 On November 26, the Government of Potosí signed the contract with Estefals Logistics for 41 ambulances. On January 14, it was denounced that the process of acquiring the motorized vehicles was irregular, because the motorized vehicles did not arrive in the country, and on January 19, the governor canceled the contracting process. Then Mamani was virtually released from the investigations.

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