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Magician Ariel: half a century of history between classics and innovation

With the “enormous pleasure” of being the second generation of magicians, Ariel Tabares, stated in an interview with Grupo R Multimedio, that his life was always surrounded by pigeons, rabbits, letters and trunks with “strange clothes”. Accustomed to that environment since he was born and from a very early age, he made the decision to continue with that line, hand in hand with the Mago Ariel brand started in 1946 by his father (Ariel Tabares Acosta).

At 12, his father allowed him to do his own number in one of his shows, where he was introduced as the Magician Ariel Junior. At the age of 15 he appeared in a casting for a Channel 4 program called “Complete” and since then he has not stopped performing shows. Over the years he became a benchmark of magic in Uruguay and added several national and international awards.

This year Ariel Junior celebrates 50 years of career and does it in a big way, with the launch of his book Registered Magic written by Claudio «Cacho» Rivoira, where we will find the history of his career accompanied by photographs, with a reading that does not use the technical to become suitable for all audiences. In turn, during these July holidays (to be held from the 5th to the 16th), he will present the family show Magiko, at 3:00 p.m. at the Notarial Theater. It will be divided into 5 stations representing each decade of his work. Tickets can be obtained at and at the theater box office. He has also organized, for two decades, the international meeting FestivalMagic: an illusionism meeting that allows the Uruguayan public to make contact with magicians from different geographies.

Inviting to his Show he reminded people to “let yourself be fooled, have fun and have a good time”.

The personal side of the 50 years

50 years, in a time where innovation advances by leaps and bounds, is a long journey that never ends, but despite new ideas, there is something that every artist can never leave behind and that is the work of masters. Being a lover of magic, he is always updating and studying, but he considers that magic has a golden age that is not forgotten.

He explained to us that there are fast magic games, others that are longer or more complex, some are very visual, musical or participatory. Following this line, he stated that personally he does not like escape, risk and bizarre games, both to play them and to see them.

“Magic is such a wonderful and rich art that you always have to look for the beautiful part, the one that leaves a message, that excites both children and adults,” he justified.

Within such a diverse audience and in a practice that we know has a trick behind it, he tells us that all the time he happens to find expectants who want to catch him in his deception. In that sense, he classifies the public into two, the one that is going to have fun and the one that is going to discover, but he questions the reason for the latter, because those same people are the ones who are fooled in the movies; The beginning of the cinematographic world dates back to 1895, taking as a reference the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, Auguste being an illusionist, but “however, this branch is not questioned in the same way”.

Concluding the interview, he recalled that “although Uruguay is a small country, things can be done, but as long as they are taken seriously and passion is put into it.”

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