They serve more than five million families with drinking water super cisterns

The Sectoral Vice President of Public Works and Services, Nestor Reverol, reported that more than 4,300 parts, pieces and spare parts have been delivered for preventive maintenance and major works of the 226 super-tanks assigned to the People’s Guardwith which more than five million 200 thousand families have been served throughout the national territory.

“We have served 139 parishes that have benefited five million 262 thousand 704 families in the midst of adversity, in this new era that we are facing with great wisdom and we are winning,” he said in his social network account, @NestorLReverolin which he published a brief audiovisual material.

He reported that this endowment is part of the Complementary Plan for Drinking Water Supplyby means of large transport trucks, in a civil-military union work to optimize public services.

The delivery of the spare parts and equipment was carried out at the Central Headquarters of the People’s Guard, an organization that – he recalled – was created by Commander Hugo Chavez Friasas a special articulator for the attention of the needs of the popular sectors and urban planning that require it and in compliance with the presidential instructions of the head of State, Nicholas Maduro Moors.



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