Mafe Walker was discovered "flying to another planet" in the middle of tremendous rumba

Mafe Walker was discovered "flying to another planet" in the middle of tremendous rumba

Mafe Walker, has become a trend in recent days, after, in a renowned Mexican program, the Colombian assured that she could speak the language of aliens. In addition, through her social networks, she has said that she teaches this language and that people can communicate with them in a few seconds.

From there, many people in the world have become interested in their activities, above all, because of the communications that it claims to have with beings from another planet, and that is why it has become a topic of conversation.

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However, a video that was published through TikTok, users discovered Walker at a party from another planet, Well, there you can see the woman dancing with a drink in her hand in a nightclubwhile the woman looks completely happy.

In turn, the woman who claims to communicate with intergalactic beings, He is seen chatting with other people, and it can be seen that they are enjoying a good party.

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This, as expected, brought the reaction of Internet users who did not miss the moment to make humorous comments and dispatched through the images leaving messages like “She is connecting”, She is feeling vibrational emotions” and “She is enjoying a flight to space”They showed that they were amused to see Mafe Walker spending some time relaxing.

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