Maduro: we must be alert to threats against the country

Maduro: we must be alert to threats against the country

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, commemorated this Thursday the 85th anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) from the Military Academy in Fort Tiuna and stressed that we must be alert to any attack against the homeland.

“Official gentlemen, we must be alert, attentive and on our feet, vigilant of the threats against Venezuela, internal security and fight against crime, against criminal gangs, against the Tancol, with force, developing a lot of intelligence together with the people, counterintelligence, developing the investigative capacity to give accurate blows to crime, to crime, to delinquency, and to everything that wants to disturb the life and tranquility of the Venezuelan family”, said President Nicolás Maduro.

The Venezuelan head of state illustrated that it is “85 years of heritage, of the Bolivarian National Guard, refounded by the 1999 revolution” and now in the year 2022 “we are heading for the centenary, setting the standard.”

He also urged to continue training “our cadets in the military academy, with an eye on the centenary, because when the Bolivarian National Guard reaches one hundred years we will have a free, sovereign, independent, happy and socialist homeland.”

“The National Guard will be one of its engines as one of the great components of our Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Feel proud and proud of the effort that is made. Men and women of the Bolivarian National Guard to combat, to battle and to victory for La Paz, security and tranquility of Venezuela. Congratulations, 85 years, and those who are missing. Long live the Bolivarian National Guard! ”, She pointed out.

The president authorized Brigadier General Rufo Parra Hernández, whom he asked to greet “extensively all the military and civilian personnel present at this important event, where we commemorate 85 years since the founding of the Venezuelan National Guard. Our Bolivarian National Guard!”

“The guard was refounded by President Chavez when he projected it into the 21st century and gave it the character of a Bolivarian force to protect the people and safeguard the country’s internal security,” he said.

He added that it must also work hand in hand with the 3R.Nets to improve security processes in the country. “The GNB has to be the greatest guarantee of peace since it plays a leading role in visualizing the construction of the Venezuela of the future and of happiness,” said the head of state.

Finally, Maduro said that it is necessary to train the cadets of the military academy with an eye to the Bicentennial. “When the GNB reaches 100 years we will be a country with a free revolution,” he said.

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