Maduro prácticas esclavistas-a Arias

Maduro: “Humbly, a social network is being born that is going to be great”

Mature slaver practices-a Arias
Photo: EFE/Rayner Peña

During a working day dedicated to promoting the “Enterprise Engine,” Nicolás Maduro highlighted the creation of the VenApp social network, designed by young entrepreneurs.

“From Venezuela, a social network is humbly being born that is going to be great. It has everything, for all tastes. A new social network has been formed, from a group of entrepreneurs, young people and they began to think about creating a social network that would unite the best of Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook and that would be Venezuelan, “he emphasized.

And he added: «Thousands of people have joined the Ven App social network, an application designed to The entrepreneurs«.

Likewise, he reiterated his support for Venezuelan entrepreneurs, and said that the ventures were strengthened during the pandemic.

Maduro stressed that Venezuela has been making progress to achieve the powerful movement of entrepreneurs that allowed the economy to grow in 2021.

“We have registered through the Ministry of the People’s Power of Economy and Finance 202 thousand 609 entrepreneurial projects”, he highlighted.

He stated that the entrepreneurial engine currently “generates jobs, goods, services, wealth, and a new economy.”

The Maduro App

From the application launch On March 24, it already has more than 50,000 downloads, only on Android devices.

Until now, Ven App has four main exploration channels, destined for entertainment and art. “Llégate”, the most followed of them, has up to 10,000 members, however, most are without a photo on their profile, reports Bloomberg.

It also shows a public chat and the tool to activate a private messaging service.

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