Carolina Ache distances herself from Ciudadanos and questions decisions by Peña and Pasquet

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carolina Ache, raised objections to the political conduct of its sector Citizens (Colorado Party) and expressed his “concern” and that of his 919 list at two decisions that in his opinion are “politically serious”: Adrián Peña’s request for councilors to vote with the Broad Front in favor of the loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Ope Pasquet’s request to re-discuss the relevance of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China.

In those terms, he stated it in an email that he sent this weekend to the leader of Ciudadanos, Adrián Peña, the journalist reported. Nicholas Nunez through Twitter and The countryand confirmed The Observer with political sources. The Colorado leader raised her “concern” about those two issues that are on the agenda, and that in her opinion are not in line with what should be the direction of the group founded by Ernesto Talvi.

Ciudadanos sources informed The Observer what Peña and Ache had a conversation this Sunday about it. This Wednesday both shared an activity together with a delegation from the US government to work on joint actions for the environment.

Peña, Minister of the Environment and referent of Citizens, informed the mayors of his party last week about the importance that the IDB loan could have for the people of Montevideo. Regarding Montevideo and the failed vote for the international loan of more than US$70 million, Peña indicated that can be had in the capital, as in this case, “different visions”and that “there was no agreement” to vote en bloc.

In this regard, Ache emphasized the “irresponsible management” of the successive departmental governments of the Broad Front.

For his part, Pasquet –current president of the House of Representatives– said in a letter sent to Search on April 7 last that he thought it convenient to reconsider Uruguay signing an FTA with China. “It is evident that in this new international scenario, an FTA between Uruguay and China would not mean the same as it would have meant one or two years ago,” concluded the Colorado legislator in the letter.

consulted by The Observer, pasquet He then remarked that it is a “personal position”, but that his intention is for the ruling party to discuss “thoroughly” the relationship with that countryin light of the current international context.

In his message, Ache questioned that Pasquet’s proposal did not pass through “party authorities” and warned that it could “seriously” affect the “interests of the country.”

The undersecretary of Foreign Relations arrived at the ministry together with Ernesto Talvi and remained in office after his untimely resignation. Since then, she has shown a certain distance from the group, has had little participation in leading the sector, and has sent more than a wink to former candidate Pedro Bordaberry, whom many colorados expect for the next elections.

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