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Lula da Silva wants to come to Mexico soon, says López Obrador

Angelica Enciso and Emir Olivares

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday, January 3, 2023, p. 8

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva returns to the presidency of Brazil with a non-oligarchic popular project, after he faced a very strong onslaught that unjustly landed him in jailassured Andrés Manuel López Obrador and mentioned that the Brazilian wants to come to Mexico.

He added that he was released from prison to govern Brazil again, and as he himself expressed it on Sunday, they used a lot of public and private money to prevent him from succeeding, but he did it with the support of the people.

During the morning conference at the National Palace, López Obrador mentioned that that is why Ricardo Flores Magón’s phrase that only the people can save the people. He indicated that Beatriz Gutiérrez represented him at Lula’s inauguration because there is a friendly relationship: He informed me that the president told him that he wants to come, that he is coming soon, that he really wants to be in the country, that the people of Brazil and Mexico are sister nations.

She conveyed that she will always be welcome and the people of both countries We are brothers and also now with many coincidences with the Brazilian government, because he is going to fight for equality, for justice, also in complex situations, but President Lula has a lot of political profession, he is a very experienced man. He’s going to have some belligerent opposition.

already since yesterday The band was named by representatives of the people of Brazil, I think it is more symbolic, much more important, because Mr. (Jair) Bolsonaro decided to travel to the United States the day before.

held that Neither did Mr. Bolsonaro mean an adversary for us, much less an enemy, they are simply different projects.

He referred to the fact that at the last meeting of the Mexican Business Council “Claudio X. González, his father, asked me about polarization, I told him that it is politicization and I told him clearly that we had proposed to transform the country and that it would not be possible if we did not give preferential attention to the poor.

There is no need to beat around the bush, it is very clear, if you have love for the people, if you support everyone and listen to and respect each other, but give preference to the people, there is nothing to fear. He added that a democracy can only succeed with the people, because if not, there is no social base. He announced that more progress will be made this year, it will be very important because the foundations for future transformation will be laid.

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