Luis Calabria: “We continue working for the Uruguay that Larrañaga dreamed of”

The director general of the Ministry of the Interior, Luis Calabria, who was a trusted man of Jorge LarrañagaHe said that the former minister “was an extraordinary one” and that “the mold was broken with him.” “There will be none like it. Larrañaga had a complete vision of Uruguay, promoting equal opportunities and associating it with the notion of freedom ”, he pointed out.

He added: “His commitment to public education, decentralization, opportunities for young people and security have made a mark that has enriched the proposal of the National Party in the last 20 years, and that mark must be followed.”

The statements were in the framework of the first meeting that the National Alliance will have, without Larrañaga. It will be this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the Welcome Club (Montevideo), with limited capacity.

“There is an order not to loosen”It reads on the plaque of invitation to the meeting on Saturday. In this regard, Calabria said: “We are without Larrañaga but with the Larrañaga country project. We continue working for that Uruguay that he dreamed of, “he concluded.

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