Ecured changes the file of Yunior García whom it defines as a provocateur of "unrest"

Ecured changes the file of Yunior García whom it defines as a provocateur of "unrest"

Yunior García Aguilera’s file on the portal Ecured, the official Cuban “Wikipedia”, has changed its content just over 24 hours after the playwright and his wife, Dayana Prieto, left the island. And not once, but twice.

The original short entry, which presented García Aguilera as “actor and playwright”, is now much longer, and includes “activist and main promoter of the call for the so-called Civic March for Change called for November 15, 2021, that under the false flag of pacifism it sought to provoke riots, generate chaos and induce the destabilization of the country “.

In addition, he indicates that he is the “founder of the Archipiélago digital platform”, which uses “a speech full of hypocrisy and messages aimed at confusing and mobilizing feelings of solidarity with his positions, trying to hide the spurious interests that move him”

Before the current edition, the file made a chronology of the playwright’s studies as well as his participation in workshops, his plays or television and even some of his travels. Now they have added paragraphs that try to justify the script that they have tried to sell to Cubans in various television spots that he is “a mercenary” in the service of the United States Government.

Courses with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) or the University of Saint Louis, in Madrid, are some of those examples that they mention.

They also dedicate an aside to his trip to Spain, which they claim occurred after a “media escalation” after the “alleged disappearance” of him and his wife after November 14.

However, between the old version and the new one, a third one slipped – Ecured, like Wikipedia, works collaboratively and registered users can edit the files – that only lasted a few minutes on the network, and made fun of of the ruling party, including in the first paragraph: “by cutting a rose in his hand, he mobilized a whole country full of henchmen and dictators, homeland and life, Díaz-Canel singao.”

The media deployment of the ruling party against the 15N, Archipelago and specifically against Yunior García, began with greater intensity when he decided to summon the Government with his proposal for the march. Although the artist is already out of Cuba the edition of one of the state television programs that has been dedicated to discrediting him, Sharp, today returns to the subject. The ruling party insists that they have finished with him but does not stop mentioning him.


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