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López Obrador rules out meeting with environmentalists on the Mayan Train route

Roberto Garduno and Fabiola Martinez

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday April 22, 2022, p. 4

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador resolved that he will ask the inhabitants of the Ejido Jacinto Pat to represent him before the environmental groups that demand an interview with the president in the Mayan region. In his conference, he clarified that he will not go to that site because he must take care of the presidential investiture, and because they have a political or political purpose. Politics is a noble profession. So, I’m not going to play the game.

To the actors and musicians who appear in the video against the train, he informed them that he will receive them at the National Palace, the day they propose, I am here to talk to you.

And to the ejidatarios of the Mayan zone, who participated in a video in defense of the construction of the Mayan Train, he stated, I am going to send a letter to them to see if they want to represent me and that they attend to the environmentalists, real or false, and that they be the peasants themselves.

– But you would not go to this meeting? –She asked him.

-No, because they have a political or political purpose, because politics is a noble profession. So, I’m not going to play the game. If they come here, and that is those who left, to inform them, those who left, the famous ones, well here we serve them, I speak here and I speak with them. But, imagine, serving everyone from CIDE or the entire Aguilar Camín group, the entire Krauze group, when am I going to convince them? Then no. If these are the ones that came out, they were like 20, right? I’m talking to those 20 here.

-Would you set a date for that dialogue?

-Whenever they want they can come. And you also have to take care, as Don Adolfo Ruiz Cortines said, of the investiture. It would be a meeting with them, you couldn’t be there; then yes, let them declare them. Because I have to defend the transformation project and I cannot expose myself.

On Wednesday, the Tabascan called for a dialogue with environmentalists who have denounced damages to the ecosystem in section five of the Mayan Train (between Cancun and Tulum). Hours later, the groups that now defend the interests of the region responded that they were willing to establish contact with the president. Yesterday López Obrador nuanced his dialogist position.

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