Prisión, Kilo 5, Pinar del Río

Food in poor condition and insufficient rations, denounce Kilo 5 inmates

Havana Cuba. – From the Kilo 5 prison, located in the western province of Pinewood of the riverseveral inmates denounce the poor state of the food as well as the diminutive size of the ration they receive there.

The prisoners complain that in that prison facility “they are starving them.” As they reveal, the menu is the same every day: for breakfast, a little guava-flavored water and a roll “the size of a 40-cent coin.”

For lunch a small ladleful of some semi-crushed and chunky potatoes (which makes the amount received smaller), a little of the water in which the potatoes were boiled, sometimes containing two or three small pieces of pumpkin, and a spoonful of a kind of paste or sour dough that, in the opinion of the inmates, looks like “pork vomit”. For lunch, a small ladle of rice is served where only five tablespoons fit, accompanied by the same broth from the boiled potatoes and a hard-boiled egg.

Inmate Hiosvel Román Ramos denounces that on Thursday, April 14, there was no “juice” for breakfast, only the little bread. According to Román Ramos, the re-education officer, First Lieutenant Narciso, warned them that there would be no juice until the new supplies arrived, since there was no sugar. However, he did not explain to them why the supplies had not arrived by that date or when they were expected. Roman Ramos adds that for lunch and dinner the menu is still rice, potato water and a cake.

The poor state of the food and the smallness of the ration is a complaint that is repeated in other prison facilities in the country. For example, prisoners from 15-80 point out that the food served fits in a small plastic container.

Container where the food served in Unit 15-80 fits (Photo by the author)

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