Electoral Tribunal will update the number of signatories for the recall of Mayor Fábrega’s mandate every Monday

After being questioned for allegedly generating a personal database with the information of the citizens who have signed the revocation of Mayor José Luis Fábrega’s mandate, the lawyer Roberto Ruíz Díaz asked the Electoral G (TE) to eliminate or deactivate the system of copy and only they are the ones who give the information of figures exclusively on Mondays.

“I have no interest in knowing, who signed and who did not, and much less their ID data, the only thing that interests me is that the citizen takes to the streets and manifests himself with his signature and have access to information, why, because when you don’t have access to the information you have to blindly trust the Electoral Court, so from now on only the Electoral Court will give the figures because we don’t have access to the information and be able to validate tomorrow if indeed what the Court says it is true or not,” he said, assuring that he will continue to promote the process of collecting signatures in a transparent manner.

The TE agreed to Ruíz’s request and according to Santana Diaz, deputy director of the Electoral Organization, it will now be the entity that, on Mondays, announces the figures of the people who have come to sign.

“In effect, he received a copy of the citizen’s registration by mail, so that he, as a proponent, could keep track of where the numbers of citizens who were supporting his initiative were going,” he said.

He assured that since noon yesterday, Thursday, April 21, the copy that Ruíz received was eliminated, now it does not reach him; “In such a way that it generates peace and tranquility among citizens who know that when they call they can register without any fear that this information may fall into other hands that have nothing to do with this initiative,” he specified.

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