Look here what was the debate of candidates for the province of Huancayo

Look here what was the debate of candidates for the province of Huancayo

According to figures from the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec), for these regional and municipal elections 2022, there are 441,797 thousand inhabitants in Huancayo who are able to cast their vote this October 2 and elect who will be the new authority of the most important province in the region.

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Just 16 days before this happens, Diario Correo will carry out the “Debate of candidates for the province of Huancayo”, in which 13 candidates registered before the Special Electoral Jury of Huancayo will participate.

From 9:00 a.m. today, at the Junín College of Accountants, in a day that will be broadcast live on Correo’s digital platforms, the applicants to occupy the provincial chair will give their proposals on three specific axes: 1. – Citizen Security and Transportation, 2.- Informality and Economic Reactivation 3.- Fight against Corruption.

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By axis, each candidate will have 2 minutes for the main exposition of their proposals and two additional minutes to reinforce ideas or touch on some other topic of interest that they have in their government plan. There will be a minute of rest between axis and axis and at the end each applicant will have one more minute to convince the population to vote for him or her.

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