Haitian crisis will be taken to the UN by Luis Abinader

Haitian crisis will be taken to the UN by Luis Abinader

President Luis Abinader reported this Friday that the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeauwill deal with the topic of haitian crisis next week during a conversation in New York, what he said, is going through his insistence on the situation of the neighboring country in the international summits he attends.

Abinader made the announcement when presenting to the press the results of his trip to Washington where he met with the Vice President of the United States, kamala harrisand other US officials and legislators.

He announced that he will return to the Haitian issue during his participation in the United Nations General Assembly, scheduled for the end of the month.

“I am going to talk about Haiti again in the United Nations and I am going to continue talking about Haiti because of what it represents in terms of costs and threat to national security, it does not mean that it will happen, but it is a threat that we have to respond to. with resources”Abinader stated.

“That did not happen on other occasions. The ADD, which is our alliance with Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, is also exerting pressure in this regard,” said the president, who stated that this is what the country’s foreign policy is for, to act in that direction.

“That it was not done before, that it is new, that, instead of reacting, we are proactive, it is new in the Dominican Republic, but it is what is in order and it is convenient in our country and we will continue to do so until Haiti is organized. and then we can have a calmer border, without these shocks”, Abinader stated.

The president also said that Ryan Nicols, US assistant secretary of state for hemispheric affairs, would be visiting the neighboring country in two weeks to meet with Haitian authorities.

In recent weeks, the social and political crisis that Haiti is going through has worsened, with urban protests every day, where violence and looting predominate.

This Thursday, during a visit to the headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington, Abinader defined the situation in Haiti as “low intensity civil war” and urged the OAS and other organizations to take actions to stabilize that country.

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