Colonia has a new National Cultural Center in AFE space

Colonia has a new National Cultural Center in AFE space

Starting this Thursday the 15th, the AFE Cultural Center will be a space dedicated to arts and culture. It is the first in the department and the ninth in the country, explained the Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveira. He indicated that they are “essential scenarios” for the development of the cultural policies of that Secretary of State and that they are implemented in association with the mayors, the municipalities and Antel.

These spaces, which the Executive projects will be about 45 at the end of the five-year period, “are places for things to happen”, where you can go to listen to music, see a play or enjoy a painting or photography exhibition, said Da Silveira. She added that the year will end with 15 operating centers in the country.

The activity was also attended by the National Director of Culture, Mariana Wainstein; the departmental director of Culture, Eduardo Barale, and the local mayor, Carlos Moreira, among other departmental authorities.

This AFE center was, originally, the machine shed of the Cologne train station, later adapted as a multimodal center for shows and meetings, a function that it currently fulfills. Its categorization as a National Cultural Center will allow the realization of training and cultural proposals, with a diverse and varied programming agenda.

Da Silveira mentioned that the local authorities collaborate with the facilities and personnel, while the MEC provides the casts, the exhibitions and samples, in order to enrich the opportunities of access to the culture of the Uruguayans in general, with emphasis on the inside the country.

He added that it seeks to facilitate the circulation of events that are presented in different parts of the territory. In this sense, he revealed that the intention is for the MEC to be a partner of the departmental governments and the municipalities. “We don’t want to work for the interior, we want to work with the interior,” he said.

The hierarch also valued the cooperation of Antel, which provides connectivity so that the population can benefit from virtuality.

Wainstein, meanwhile, considered the exchange with the departmental authorities to promote cultural values ​​very productive, affirmed that in the national centers one learns day by day and reported that nine will be opened in 2022 and that it will reach 15 before the end of the year. .

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