Liposucciones desde $1 millón y las practicaba un supuesto mecánico caleño en centro de estética de Ibagué

Liposuctions from $ 1 million and were practiced by an alleged mechanic from Cali at the aesthetic center of Ibagué

According to the authorities, the subject had arrived from Cali to Ibagué.

Colombia News.

A rather irregular case was the one discovered by the authorities in the capital of Tolima when they evidenced that liposuctions and other procedures were performed at a very conspicuous cost in an aesthetic center.

They say that the striking thing about the place is that on the site they offered interventions that started from one million pesos.

Which were practiced by a man who would not have any kind of studies in this matter.

A mechanic served as a supposed surgeon

El Heraldo explained that one of the things that most astonished the authorities was that the person in charge of the establishment was a man who apparently was a mechanic and was posing as a plastic surgeon in the city of Ibagué.

Several women reported having been victims of the man, who was identified as Juan MY, from the city of Cali.

The place was quite uneven

One of the victims and complainants told authorities that he had made a total payment of $ 3 million.

This, to perform a procedure related to the removal of fat from your body.

Several victims ended up with deformations and burns on their bodies

However, for the day of the procedure, he reported that a liquid was applied to him that made him feel that it was burning, while he observed that the fat was extracted on a stretcher and with a device that he could not identify.

But it did not end there, because at the time of the massages everything was much more painful, which is why he decided to go to a real doctor, who told him that he had fibrosis and could have died in surgery.

What the authorities said

Regarding the finding, Johana Aranda, Ibagué’s Secretary of Health, reported that there were pests and unsuitable instruments.

“We found non-compliance with the waste management plan, medicines without Invima registration, evidence of medicines and equipment for invasive procedures, non-existence of the resume of the establishment’s staff, among others,” he said.

The place was sealed.

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