Lilian Samaniego denies influence in the IPS

Lilian Samaniego, national senator for the ruling ANR, gave a press conference in the Senate where she gave details about her last trip to the United States. However, despite the insistence of the communicators, the legislator refused to answer questions related to the Social Security Institute (IPS).

This, after rumors that Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, was supposedly waiting for his return to define the successor of Vicente Bataglia, current president of the public health post.

The high-ranking official has been the target of criticism for a week after an IPS insured suffered the amputation of his left leg when it should have been his right following medical negligence.

“You have to ask those responsible. I’m reporting on my travels, talking about the jobs I’m doing. Complaints have to be made, I am not responsible”, she commented.


Last Friday, the Executive promulgated Law 6,935 of the Diplomatic and Consular Service and the Administrative and Technical Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Paraguay. This was celebrated by Samaniego who was one of the promoters.

He pointed out that this enactment was the result of many years of hard work.

“I want to thank the Senate technicians. A consensual law was achieved, with this the foreign service will be modernized. Only the most capable, based on management results, will gain access to positions. I was a newspaper cover based on lies. We only echoed the claims of the officials, ”he commented.

The bill establishes that 20% of the career officials who are part of the Foreign Ministry be politically appointed. The defenders of the project allege that in the same way, there will be contests.

“They (for the officials) had no hope of being promoted based on suitability and seniority because they were not part of the privileged group. A retrograde law was in force. I clarify that no one will enter through the window, they will have to compete. Nor am I looking for more political quotas,” he commented.


Regarding his trip, he announced that he met with Mark Wells, deputy assistant secretary of state for Southern Cone affairs, with whom he spoke about transnational organized crime. And the country’s fight against this scourge in addition to the evaluation at the regional level.

According to the same senator, the senior official stated that he only knows the situation in Argentina but that he will visit Paraguay to delve into the problems generated by organized crime.

“For years, I have systematically made trips on defense, intelligence and gender issues, I have met on several occasions in the Department of State, Justice and Treasury and with organizations that seek to defend the rights of women,” she said.

Samaniego also met with three senators and other officials to talk about the situation of Paraguayan meat and how to deal with smuggling.

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