World Dog Day: Four benefits of having a pet at home

World Dog Day: Four benefits of having a pet at home

Many dogs are considered an essential part of families, however, although more and more people openly express the great love they have for their dogs, there are still several who remain skeptical about the affection that can be had for them and doubt about take one home. For this reason, on July 21, 2004, World Dog Day was created, in order to raise awareness about abandonment and adoption, since more than 70% of the world is homeless.

For this reason and as part of this celebration, Purina Dog Chow specialists share the 4 main benefits of having a pet at home:

  1. Sense of responsibility: Investing time in a pet increases the sense of responsibility and respect. This is an important point in the case of children, since it will allow them to reinforce their growth.
  2. Company: Outside and inside the home, a pet will be the best company. Their presence helps stimulate physical contact, communication and emotions.
  3. Mental health: Pets contribute to people’s happiness. Stroking them brings benefits to the body, since it usually reduces tension and stress.
  4. Physical activity: Owning a pet helps to put aside a sedentary lifestyle and develop more physical activities such as walks, jogging and games.

Sunday, Purina® Dog Chow® has prepared an event for the whole family, a space that offers music; games; obstacle course, balance beam, hoops and see-saw; veterinary consultation, where doubts regarding food and care will be clarified; and a “adogtion” area in alliance with ASPPA (Peruvian Association for the Protection of Animals), for visitors who are looking for a new member of the family. In addition, it will have Photo Spots, to take family photos; the ‘Snack Challenge’, a roulette that will dictate challenges for the dogs.

The appointment for the DOGmingo is on Sunday, July 24, from 9 am to 4 pm, at Parque La Luna, Jr. Sol de Oro 7498 (in front of the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae), in the district of Los Olivos. Purina® Dog Chow® invites all DogLovers to be attentive to their social networks.


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