Leyanis Pérez leads the triple jump world ranking

The Cuban Leyanis Pérez went on to lead the triple jump world ranking for ladies after winning this Sunday in the Copa Cuba de athleticsheld this weekend at the Pan-American stadium, east of Havana.

The 21-year-old girl managed to reach 14.80 meters to surpass the more experienced Liadagmis Povea, owner of a record of 14.73 meters, according to a report from the digital site Hit.

In the last world championship Leyanis finished fourth with 14.70 meters, which until now had been her most important jump.

For Povea, maximum reference in the recent winter circuit, it was also an encouraging presentation. The media highlights that he maintains the stability that took him a few months ago to set his personal ceiling at 14.81 meters, and that the time could be near to improve the 14.93 that since 2021 appears as his all-time high.

The closing of the contest also reserved a notable performance by the long jumper Maykel Massó, who confirmed that he is still the best exponent of the national team in this discipline. He now starred in a stretch to 8.36 meters that left him very close to the best mark in his record, adds the publication.

The Olympic bronze medalist in Tokyo 2020 has a ceiling of 8.39 meters achieved in 2021 and what is exhibited now could be taken as a good omen for a campaign that holds several important commitments for him, including the world championship in Budapest.

The information specifies that another jump of 8.12 meters and one of 7.94 completed their actions in the joust, in which he was the only one capable of sticking his spikes beyond eight meters. Maikel Vidal from Camagüey and Alejandro Parada from Santiago completed the podium with 7.94 and 7.91 meters, respectively.

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Also outstanding on the day was the performance of Luis Enrique Zayas to dominate the high jump with 2.28 meters, an unprecedented height for him so far this year and only two centimeters from the best jump in his history.

Zayas had a discreet winter tour in terms of brands, but now he is strengthening his options for improvement outdoors. This Sunday at the Havana stadium he surpassed 2.19 meters in his second attempt, then he scored 2.25 from the first occasion and the 2.28 resisted him until the third moment, he points out Hit.

Ultimately, he was unable to clear the rod set at 2.31 meters in his attempts to set a new personal best.

In addition, the record for the competition set by the female 4 × 100 meters was remarkable. Now Keily Linet Pérez, Enis Pérez, Yarima García and Yunisleidys García established a mark of 44.38 seconds to erase from the books the current 44.44 seconds since 2011.

The publication affirms that the results of the three days of competitions will serve the specialists to define the group that will represent Cuba in the nearby Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023.

The athletic calendar for the year for Cubans also includes participation in the world competition in Budapest at the end of August and the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, scheduled for October.

Before that, the main exponents will have forays into the 2023 Diamond League and other rallies of the 2023 World Athletics Continental Tour to complete the preparation.

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