Let the aid flow

Only between Banco Popular, Banco de Reservas, Grupo SID and Ferretería Ochoa have aid for RD$225 million been channeled and as the hours go by the number of companies and people who say they are present to help those affected by the hurricane will grow Fiona in the East and Northeast of the country.

The facts ratify our conviction that we are a people made up mostly of generous people and institutions that do good without looking at whom, and always ready to say present when the solidarity response prevails over any other possibility.

That healthy part of our Dominican society imbued with good will, that supports noble causes and resolves without expecting anything in return, not even recognition, will more than multiply donations as government authorities do their part.

Meanwhile, President Luis Abinader personally attends the affected areas and has made the first point on his agenda the help of the homeless, of the producers who lost their crops and the immediate repair of the damaged infrastructure.

The president even had the noble gesture, stripped of sectarianism, of socializing his actions with representatives of the political parties, a clear expression of his disinterest and that is part of his peculiar style of governing with the use of methods that characterize a horizontal relationship. with all sectors of society.

This is an attitude that is in tune with the message sent by Pope Francis to the Dominican people, in which he expresses his pain and affliction for the victims and victims left by Hurricane Fiona and in which he asks “for an increase in solidarity to help to those affected by this calamity, and thus manifest the fraternal closeness to which we are all called”.

Now that the aid is flowing, the important thing is to organize an adequate distribution, so that it reaches every corner of the country where Fiona did damage.

Go ahead with the slogan of Good People for a Good Cause; Let’s promote generosity and solidarity and let’s go to help those who need it.

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