Leo Pericles links poverty to depression risk

Leo Pericles links poverty to depression risk

In a post on social media, the candidate for President of the Republic by the Popular Unity (UP), Leo Pericles, drew attention today (14) to the existence of research indicating that poverty and lack of access to basic rights increase the risk of depression. . He claimed that capitalism creates a vicious cycle.Leo Pericles links poverty to depression risk

“People work too much, they don’t earn enough, they are subjected to poverty, they acquire psychological diseases and because of that they can’t work and they don’t have access to even the most basic needs”, wrote the candidate on social media.

Leo Pericles raised the issue by mentioning the Yellow September campaign. The initiative has been carried out since 2014 through a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (ABP) and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). Over time, the adhesion of other entities and also of public agencies contributed to increase the number of actions developed. The campaign takes place annually in September because the WHO celebrates, on the 10th of this month, World Suicide Prevention Day. In this year’s edition, the Yellow September motto is “Life is the best choice!”.

The UP candidate also presented in the post proposals to face the scenario. “In addition to strengthening the Caps [Centros de Atenção Psicossocial] and provide access to treatment with professionals, we defend the 100% increase in the minimum wage, the freezing of food prices and several other policies to get out of the misery situation in which our people find themselves. To guarantee mental health care, it is necessary to build a country in which everyone has access to quality food, housing, electricity, water, basic sanitation and leisure”, he concluded.

Throughout the day, Leo Pericles fulfilled his schedule in Curitiba. He walked the streets of the center and periphery of the capital of Paraná, presenting his candidacy to residents and merchants.

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