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Lema announced withdrawal of support for Popular and Solidarity Coordinator

The Ministry of Social Development (Mides) requested on August 29 to update the information on pots and picnic areas that receive support through Uruguay Adelante, establishing September 30 as the deadline to deliver the data. In this framework, the minister of the portfolio, Martín Lema, informed through his Twitter account that the ministry will withdraw support for the Popular and Solidarity Coordinator (CPS), since it did not present the requested information on the distribution of supplies.

According to the minister, all the initiatives, with the exception of the CPS, presented the required information. He also points out that the coordinator has received 1,600 tons of food so far.

“Because the organization did not prove the requested information on the distribution of supplies, we decided to withdraw support as an intermediary. From now on, interested pots and picnic areas can request support for supplies directly at the Uruguay Adelante Collection Center. We will continue to guarantee support for the initiatives that are presented », he explained.

A few days ago, in statements to Underlined Lema, he said that “the Popular and Solidarity Coordinator refused to provide the data, data that has to do, for example, with where they are located, how many times a week it works, approximately how many portions are they provide.” The Secretary of State added: “For us, these data are what justify the support because they refused to give the data due to a political decision. Politics is put above food. We believe that this is not the way.

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