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In style inauguration III Santo Domingo Domino World Cup 2022

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Mesa de Honor tercer Mundial Dominó Santo Domingo 2022

Santo Domingo. – With a great celebration and overflowing joy, the inauguration of the III World Domino Championship Santo Domingo 2022, organized by FEMUNDO, was held at the Catalonia hotel in this city.

Hundreds of athletes celebrated the great domino party in the Dominican Republic, this Friday morning.

At the Catalonia hotel there were recognitions and music for the delegations present, a championship that begins this day and will end on Sunday, October 2.

The event has more than 400 athletes, a record number for the FEMUNDO world championships, despite the passage of hurricanes Fiona and Ian, which prevented some delegations from reaching the great event.

inauguration table of honor

The table of honor for the opening ceremony of the Domino World Cup was headed by the presidents of the World Domino Federation (FEMUNDO) Raymond Ysabel and the Dominican Domino Federation (FEDEDODO) Robinson Parra. Also the president of the organizing committee of this World Domino Championship, Lic. José Darío Arias, the president Ad Vitan of FEDEDODO, Horacio Bakemón Rodríguez and the former president and currently presiding judge of the disciplinary tribunal of FEDEDODO, Manuel Tejeda.

Also present at the inauguration of the domino world championship at the table of honor was the Rear Admiral of the Dominican Navy General José Roberto Muñoz Monción.

As special guests were the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Lic. Antonio Acosta, Franklin De La Mota, representing the Minister of Sports Francisco Camacho and Arch. Jesús D’Alessandro, technical secretary of the Mayor’s Office of the DN, representing the Mayor Carolina Mejía.

Also present at this event was the deputy for the District no. 1 of the National District Orlando Jorge Villegas.

The table of honor was also accompanied by the representative of the Cuban Ministry of Sports, Orlando Vélez, as well as Charmín Durán and Vera Gray from Barbados.

protocol acts

The protocol acts at the inauguration of the third Domino World Championship began with the notes of the National Anthem by the music band of the Dominican Republic Navy.

Next, the words of gratitude to God came from Fray Samuel Plasencia.

José Darío Arias, president of the organizing committee of this world championship, began the activity by taking the floor. So did Raymond Ysabel, president of FEMUNDO, and Robinson Parra, president of FEDEDODO. Franklin De La Mota, sports minister representative Francisco Camacho and Antonio Acosta, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee. For FEDEDODO also Horacio Bakemón Rodríguez, ad vitan president of FEDEDODO.

Acknowledgments in inauguration activity third Domino World Championship

In the activity personalities received plaques of recognition by the board of directors of FEDEDODO, Eng. Francisco Camacho, Minister of Sports, who was received by Vice Minister Franklin De La Mota. Also the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Antonio Acosta; Manuel Acevedo, in charge of press and public relations for the FEMUNDO world championship.

This was also recognized by the admiral of the Dominican Navy, General José Roberto Muñoz Monción and the president of the World Domino Federation Raymond Ysabel.

honor roll

The kick-off was in charge of Franklin De La Mota, vice minister of sports on behalf of the sports minister, Francisco Camacho.

Start 3rd. Domino World Championship Santo Domingo 2022

The championship started with the first game at one in the afternoon, for the individual modality.

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