Privan de libertad a sujeto por ejercicio ilegal de la odontología en Monagas

Gym trainer deprived of liberty for extortion in Caracas

At the request of the Public Ministry (MP), the 42-year-old gym instructor Freddy Ricardo Cameron Liendo was deprived of liberty for his alleged participation in the extortion of a couple, a fact that was reported on July 5 of this year, in the city of Caracas.

Such a situation occurred after the coach asked a woman for 1,500 US dollars, who asked him for help to get a relationship of calls and text messages from her partner’s cell phone.

After receiving the currency, the man sent him the required information, which he obtained illegally through a cell phone operator, according to the count published in a press release from the MP.

Given this fact, those affected went to the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) to denounce this irregularity.

Due to these circumstances and after several investigations coordinated by the MP, the coach was apprehended by officials of the aforementioned police force in a house in the Los Chorros urbanization of the Sucre municipality in the state of Miranda.

The 54th Prosecutor’s Office of the Caracas Metropolitan Area (AMC) charged the man with the crimes of improper access, improper disclosure of personal data or information, and collusion.

Given the elements of conviction exposed by the prosecutor’s representation, the 41st Court of Control of the AMC issued the custodial measure against Cameron Liendo, who remains confined at the headquarters of the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations Corps of Caracas.


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