Broad repudiation of Milei's statements about the "disappearance" public media

Leaders repudiated Milei’s position in favor of "free bearing of arms"

“I am definitely in favor of the free carrying of weapons,” Milei said in a television program. / Photo: Raúl Ferrari

References from various political spaces repudiated this Friday the statements by the deputy of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileiwho was in favor of carrying weaponsafter the murder of 19 children and two teachers in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas, United States.

“I am in favor of the free carrying of weapons, definitely,” Milei said Thursday night in statements to the Todo Noticias (TN) signal and added: “As a follower of Gary Becker (American economist) and adherent to his theory already empirical evidence, when you lower the cost of an activity and increase the benefit, that activity expands”.

“Instead, when you prohibit the use of weapons, criminals, no matter how much they are prohibited, use them the same. The expected benefits increase and there is more crime, “Milei justified when exposing her position.

The legislator’s statements came after the death of 19 girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 10, and two adults in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas, United States, a country where the use of weapons by civilians is permitted.

At a time when some referents of the opposition coalition Together for Change (JxC) such as Mauricio Macri, slide the possibility of an approach to Milei, facing 2023, the deputy and president of the Civic Coalition (CC), Maximiliano Ferrarotook off from the declarations of the libertarian deputy.

“The massacre that occurred in Texas, where 19 minors and 2 teachers died, is terrible. I cannot conceive how some insist on promoting violent, armamentist, supremacist and extreme discourses in our country. The libertarian carrying of weapons is barbaric,” Ferraro said in your Twitter account.

From the left, the Buenos Aires legislator of the Labor Party Gabriel Solanomaintained – also through the social network Twitter – that Milei “wants to arm the population for a fratricidal confrontation” and considered that “he is reactionary from beginning to end.”

Meanwhile, the provincial deputy Daniel Lipovetzky (JxC) told Télam that “the objective of Milei’s statement is not understood” and added: “I think he associated the sale of free weapons with security, and these issues must be discussed with data.”

In this sense, he added: “Especially him, who prides himself on being a person who always has data at hand, but in this case there is no empirical data that shows that free arms sales improve security.”

For Lipovetzky, on the issue of weapons “State controls are necessary” and “many countries have them because we are talking about weapons that cause damage and death and it is logical that the State register and control that.”

He also analyzed that the libertarian deputy “is usually provocative and looks for blows of effects in communication, something in which each one communicates as he wants, but he does not seem very happy to me in this framework where what happened in the United States has just happened.”

On the other hand, María del Carmen Verdú, head of the Coordinator against Police and Institutional Repression (Correpi), came out to respond to Milei by stating that her figure “promotes violence”.

“He is reasonable and consistent with the attitudes he has towards life; that is why he goes to political activities wearing a bulletproof vest, because promotes the carrying of weapons and violence“, indicated the referent of that organization in dialogue with Télam.

Verdú compared Milei’s statements with others made in the past by the head of the PRO and former macrismo minister, Patricia Bullrich: “When he says ‘whoever wants to be armed must be armed’, it is old history. They want to install that model for our country , the model of a society like the United States, plagued by hate politics, where anyone 18 years old goes to a supermarket to buy a gun,” he said.

“Milei, Bullrich, they are models of a society that we do not want for our country. Our concern, on the contrary, is the excessive carrying of weapons and not only among the civilian population but also among the security forces.Verdu concluded.

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