Dialogue between the Government and blockers was waiting for the Minister of Public Works; this was not and he asked Camacho to make decisions

On the fifth day of the blockade in San Julián and in the middle of the Attempt at dialogue between the Santa Cruz Government and social movements mobilized, the highest departmental authority, Luis Fernando Camacho, summoned the Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño, to participate in the meeting that takes place in the Environmental Education Center (CEA) of the city.

Authorities and leaders of institutions of San Julián are meeting with authorities of the Government of Santa Cruz to seek a solution to the conflict. The meeting entered the intermediate room while waiting for the presence of Minister Montaño.

Through a letter, Camacho asked the head of the Public Works portfolio: “We request your presence together with your technical team”with the purpose of “give a real solution to the demands” of the mobilized sectors, which ask for the construction of the Brecha Casarabe – Núcleo 41 highway.

However, his own Édgar Montaño called a press conference at a similar time to address the problem of San Julián to question the governor: “You invite me to a meeting to solve a departmental highway, that is your responsibility, make decisions, because otherwise you are giving me the seat of the Governor’s Office. And if I am going to solve departmental issues, what will happen to those who gave him their vote?

In addition, Montaño clarified that if what you want is youmanagement to obtain financing is not to your Ministry who should be addressedbut to those of Planning and Economy.

Meanwhile, the mayor of San Julián, Willy Calderón, announced that indeed, the request for Montaño’s presence is given to request financing for the construction of said roadso there is the approval of both parties and they stated that it is in Camacho’s hands to apply for the loan.

“Governor, if they don’t give him the credit, we are here to demand that. We already have a final design project,” the mayor clarified.

Saint Julian demands the construction of the highway Brecha Casarabe-Núcleo 41as well as the maintenance of the Los Tronco sections-Okinawa. As the conflict progressed, other demands were added, such as the royalty distribution and increased budget for school breakfast.


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