According to Monitor Ciudad, Antímano is the Caracas parish where water is most lacking

According to a study by the NGO Monitor Ciudad, the second parish affected by inefficiency of the public service is El Junquito with 91.3%, followed by Altagracia with 88.2% of the time without water.

Antímano is the driest parish in the Libertador municipality of Caracas, according to the non-governmental organization City Monitor. The latest study by the NGO showed that this is the most affected town in the entire Venezuelan capital due to the lack of water, since its inhabitants survive up to 95% of the time without water.

The second parish affected by public service inefficiency is El Junquito with 91.3%, followed by Altagracia with 88.2% of the time without water. According to the study based on data collected from January 1 to May 23, the residents of the Libertador municipality of Caracas spend 65.5% of the time without the service, that is, 109 hours a week without the service.

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María Millán, a member of the Monitor Ciudad network and a resident of the Antímano parish, assured that there are residents who have to go to the creek and carry water every day. She commented that the water from that stream is not drinkable, which is why they are exposed to getting sick.

The City Monitor study was able to determine that the citizens of Libertador must wait an average of almost four days between distribution cycles and that they can store an average of up to six days of water. However, there are communities where they must wait up to 21 days between cycles and do not have the capacity to store enough. In this way, in places where water takes longer to arrive, the purchase of cisterns is the main mechanism for obtaining water.

Finally, the study also provided data on the electricity service within the municipality, where blackouts were recorded in at least some sectors in 21 of the 22 parishes. 20 parishes experienced variations in voltage.

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