Leaders of the ruling party call on the Government to articulate a campaign for the election of the Constitutional Council

The steps to follow in the run-up to the elections for constitutional councilors, which will take place on Sunday, May 7, was one of the topics that the leaders of the President’s government parties convened today at the headquarters of the Socialist Party (PS). Gabriel Boric.

Among the conclusions of the meeting, it was agreed to call for voting in the plebiscite, where the official parties would have an active role. For the president of the PS, Paulina Vodanovic, “that May 7 be a national holiday, an important day for citizen participation, that day, May 7, we will try to ensure that there is good participation.”

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This was the first day in which representatives of the Radical Party and the Liberal Party rejoined the table, after the period of reflection in which the aforementioned communities withdrew in response to the renewal of ministerial portfolios that took place in mid-March. In that instance, Juan Carlos García (PL) was removed from the Public Works portfolio, while the PR was left waiting for new additions to the second cabinet.

The return of radicals and liberals would be another sign of unity in the face of the upcoming elections, “to also support all our candidates and have a chance of having a significant majority on that council,” said the socialist helmsman.

According to information published by Third, Another of the points agreed upon by Apruebo Dignidad y Socialismo Democrático was the installation of technical teams to evaluate the measures taken by the government so far, which the communities intend to use as an input for discussions and political agreements one year into the government. These inputs will allow “giving priority to certain issues, or also asking the government for participation and incidence in certain matters that concern us,” Vodanovic pointed out.

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