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The reasons why the project that legalized drug use collapsed

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The reasons why the project that legalized drug use collapsed

The First Commission of the House of Representatives filed the bill that seeks to regulate and legalize the consumption of some drugs that are currently prohibited in the country.

The initiative promoted the “responsible intake” of this type of substance in some controlled areas. However, the majority of congressmen considered that this initiative would have seriously affected thousands of young people throughout the national territory.

Representative Piedad Correal explained that this was “a project that sought to legalize the consumption of certain illicit drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs, that could be consumed in different areas of the country such as tourist areas and concert areas”.

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According to the legislator, The parliamentarians considered the proposal that “establishments open to the public should provide spaces and drinking water for the consumption of these substances as a serious fact.” and it was intended that the State put analysis posts of the authenticity and quality of that drug that was going to be consumed to certify the consumers”.

He affirmed that having approved this initiative would have gone against the duty of the Colombian State to combat drug trafficking and the consumption of this type of drugs that affect the health of citizens.

“This is a contradiction of what we have to do as a State, which is to prevent the consumption of these psychoactive substances. throughout the national territory and protect the rights of children and adolescents and all Colombians,” he said.

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During the discussion of the project, representatives Juan Carlos Lozada and José Jaime Uscátegui challenged each other to take a blood test to determine whether or not they have consumed any psychoactive substance.

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