Layda Sansores exhibits new audio of “Alito”;  PRI accuses her of electoral fraud

Layda Sansores exhibits new audio of “Alito”; PRI accuses her of electoral fraud

“We voted twice. Yes, I voted twice,” said the man during the “Jaguar Tuesday” program hosted by Sansores.

“I voted twice for you. I have a little card, a little card with your signature on it. I have taken care of it as a memory, “added the citizen. Sansores intervened and reminded him that “you should not vote twice.”

A few moments later, the same Sansores showed the audio in which Moreno and two other men exchange information about a cash payment to a person identified as “Bauer”.

“Why did Hugo pay Bauer in cash?” Moreno questions his interlocutor on the recording. “What he explained to me, he tells me, is to leave no trace, because if I bill as if I were using campaign resources, it can be observed by the authority,” he replies.

“But you have to pay Bauer 5, how are you going to pay the other two and a half? He can bill you for communication, media… They told me that they cannot accept more cash, ”says the tricolor leader.

Later in the recording, Moreno speaks with the man identified as “Hugo.” He asks about the reasons why he paid cash. “What happens is that it’s campaign money, boss, and we don’t leave a trace if I pay in cash. I didn’t know I couldn’t”, answers “Hugo”.

Layda Sansores pointed out that the recording again showed Moreno giving “money laundering classes”, and pointed out that the PRI leader made fun of the National Electoral Institute (INE) for the way in which he moved resources during the campaigns.

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