#LaEstampa |  Deforestation by the Mayan Train

#LaEstampa | Deforestation by the Mayan Train

The managers have responded that the trees are safe. They say they were transplanted. The Mayan Train, says Fonatur, has been built “with a clear and complete commitment to the environment.”

That’s not true.

There is evidence that confirms that the train and the infrastructure have already damaged the fragile ecological balance of the region, which is one of the great wonders of Mexico and the planet. That is incontrovertible. Is it true the transplant of the trees? The government claims that it is a fact, but the caliber of engineering feat involved in saving that number of trees seems unlikely, to say the least.

In any case, the obligation of Mexican society should be to demand proof of the alleged “commitment” to the environment that Fonatur presumes. As we have said before, the progressive government of López Obrador often behaves as the opposite. Invariably, leftist governments assume the policy of environmental care as a non-negotiable priority. It is difficult to imagine a progressive government approving a plan of the voracity of the Mayan Train. It just doesn’t happen.



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