Karelim López's lawyer: Zamir Villaverde is still in prison because he has not been able to prove his statements

Karelim López’s lawyer: Zamir Villaverde is still in prison because he has not been able to prove his statements

the lawyer of César Nakazaki, estimated that the businessman He remains in preventive detention because he has not been able to prove his accusations about alleged deliveries of money that his client would have made to President Pedro Castillo.

When asked about what the Public Ministry said at Wednesday’s hearing, where the request to annul the investigation against Pedro Castillo was evaluated, Nakazaki pointed out that Villaverde’s version of the alleged payment of thousands of soles had already been clarified before the prosecution. of the businesswoman.

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“It has already been clarified within the investigations and has been verified. That is why Zamir Villaverde does not come out until today “declared to RPP.

The legal advocate of karelim lopez He stressed that the businessman with preventive detention has confirmed that there is a criminal organization for the Puente Tarata Case that involves former Minister Juan Silva, Bruno Pacheco and Pedro Castillo’s nephews.

“What it deals with, in a game of chess, is castling by saying ‘it’s not me, it’s karelim lopez‘. That is the point where friction is generated and it is the corroboration that rules, not what Karelim or Villaverde say, but what is corroborated”he stated.

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“Since the day he made the public complaint, starting with an issue as strong as electoral fraud, to this day he has not been released from jail because he must have difficulties corroborating what he says, otherwise he would automatically have been released”Nakazaki added.

In this sense, the lawyer pointed out that the prosecutor Karla Zecenarro already has a theory based on the statements of Karelim López, and estimated that the National Prosecutor’s Office investigating Pedro Castillo should do the same.

“That the same prosecutor uses two contradictory evidence obviously does not help him,” concluded.


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