Villa Elisa will build a sports center for 3 thousand people

This Saturday, June 18 at 9:30 in the morning, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Estanislao Frutos Rodríguez Municipal Sports Center will take place in Plaza América in the Sol de América neighborhood of the city of Villa Elisa.

National authorities such as the Minister of Sports, local authorities, directors and members of the federations and teams of the different sports disciplines of the city, as well as the general public, are invited to the event.

The municipal sports center will have a capacity for three thousand people, where national and international events and competitions can be held. It will have a track for various modalities, bleachers on all four sides, a box, transmission booths for the media, administrative offices, a multipurpose room, sexed toilets with showers, changing rooms, a canteen, emergency exits and outside it will have a soccer field. multuiso and another volleyball, explained the mayor Ricardo Estigarribia.

The investment will be G. 7,983 million and the work will be completed in about four months. The construction was unanimously approved by the municipal councilors who in this way also say yes to the promotion of the practice of sports in the city. It is the third work that I promised in the campaign and I am fulfilling, the first was the acquisition of the asphalt plant, the second the Municipal Amphitheater and with this I fulfill the third promise that is the Municipal Sports Center, said the community chief.


The work will bear the name of Don Estanislao Frutos Rodríguez from Villa Elisa, who in life was a respected citizen, mayor of Villa Elisa from 1996 to 2001, remembered for his commitment and dedication to the growth and progress of the city. Under his government, the asphalting of Tte Avenue was carried out. Américo Picco, built in such an efficient way that until today it does not present major inconveniences.

Don Frutos was the first community chief to implement the public accountability hearing in the Central Department and the second at the country level. He created two municipal schools, Marangatú and Santa Librada, four health posts, recovered two public spaces for the community where sectionals used to function and turned them into squares (December 8 and Selvita).

Under his management, the first neighborhood commissions were also formed to work together with the municipality. They met once a week inside the municipal building to see what the people needed. He also managed to form the Coordinator of Neighborhood Commissions. He got up between 3 and 4 in the morning to serve people or take care of cleaning the city personally, watering and planting new trees that to this day provide shade in the central walks and squares.

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