Supplier says maintains fuel supply to planes

Supplier says maintains fuel supply to planes

The company GB Energy reported that it normally dispatches the gas aircraft Avgas 100LL, used by planes small, and guaranteed that it will maintain the continuity of the supply of this fuel.

Mauricio Pulido, CEO of the Dominican Republic, indicated that the company has inventory for more than 30 days to exceed the regular demand of its customers, both in Jet A-1 fuels, which use planes of turbines (commercial, cargo or military flights), such as Av 100LL, used by aircraft that have piston engines (light aircraft or planes little ones).

Pulido stressed that the internal division specializing in gas aviation of GB Energy continues to operate with total normality in the airports International Cibao in Santiago, El Catey in Samaná and Punta Cana.

“In the Dominican Republic we continue to supply the gas necessary for our customers in the growing aviation industry. We have created a resilient supply chain that allows us to even meet the demand of other markets that deserve it”, said Edmundo Jimenez, Aviation Director of the Company.

The executive indicated that, despite the global challenges that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stability of the supply of gas of the country’s aviation was a determining factor for the Dominican Republic to collaborate with nations such as Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which faced restrictions to access this fuel.

“Thanks to this stability that we have in the country, precisely this Thursday morning we were supplying gas of aviation to a local company in the sector that supplies gas in others airports of the country, which shows that we maintain availability of the product”, indicated the executive.

Likewise, he emphasized that, despite the global challenges facing this market, GB Energy Aviation works closely with its strategic allies in the industry to guarantee supply to the entire chain and maintain the levels of reliability that have distinguished this industry over the years.

Pulido reiterated that as a leading company in the supply of aviation fuels, GB Energy will continue to incorporate best practices into its operations and offer high quality and safety standards to the industry.

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